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Call the Doc for Experienced Boiler Repair Service

Doc's HVAC has been providing boiler repair services for DuPage County, IL homeowners and businesses since 2002. We operate on all boiler brands and we stock most parts necessary to restore your boiler to health quickly and efficiently. There are several symptoms that may indicate that need to Doc's help:

  • Intermittent failures that require you to manually restart the your system
  • If you have an indirect or tankless boiler coil, no domestic hot water, or lower hot water capacity than what you are used to
  • Most of your house is comfortable, but one zone is not heating properly
  • Water or leakage around your boiler
  • Unusual noises during system ignition or operation
  • Ice accumulations or condensation in the venting systems

Doc's HVAC is Here for You

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Keeping your Geneva, IL area home or business comfortable during our harsh winters is our number one goal. We have the experience necessary to keep your system operating properly, or in the event of a heat emergency, get you boiler repaired quickly before any damage can occur.

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Do you really need a House Call?

Every fall when we face the first punch of winter, at least a few times a week we arrive on a boiler repair call only to find the problem was something painfully simple to resolve. Before you call, check these symptoms, you might save time and money:

  • Check your power:
    • Check your circuit breaker to ensure that you have not had a nuisance trip and your heat system does have power.
    • Make sure your system Emergency Switch is “On”. This is typically an older toggle switch and may or may not have a Red cover plate.
  • Fuel:
    • Make sure that the gas is turned on to your home. If you have an LP gas or oil boiler, make sure you have fuel in your tank.
    • Make sure the manual gas valve leading to you boiler within your utility space is "ON".
  • Check your Thermostat:
    • Make sure that at least one zone is set to "HEAT", and the desired temperature is set higher than the current room temperature.
  • System Component Checks:
    • Does Your System Have a Pilot Light? If your gas boiler has a pilot light check it. If it’s off, re-light it.
    • Check Your Vent: If you have a modern sidewall vented gas boiler, the vent often terminates outside near the ground. Is the vent terminal clear and free or snow, ice, and/or organic mater?
  • System is On, But a Zone is Cold:
    • Is a section of your baseboard not heating? It may be air-bound. If you have radiator bleed valves try removing this excess air.

Professional Gas Boiler Service

We have decades of experience providing boiler repairs and maintenance for Geneva, IL area home and business owners. Call the Doc for emergency or seasonal service on any boiler brands. Our service vans have the parts necessary to cure almost any boiler or hydronic system ailment. Here are the most common symptoms that probably indicate that you should call the Doc:

  • Water or leakage around your boiler, circulation, backflow preventer or expansion tank
  • Unusual noises either from the gas burners, or from air in the boiler or distribution system
  • Persistent intermittent failures that require you to restart the boiler
  • If you get domestic hot water from your boiler system , a change in hot water output quantity or temperature, or no hot water at all
  • A significant unexplained change in fuel consumption
  • Cold rooms or cold heating zones
  • Condensation in or leaking from the vent system
  • Ice, snow, or organic material accumulating in the vent termination, particularly for sidewall vented systems
Schedule boiler repair with Doc's HVAC Today

Regular Boiler Check-ups Saves Money

All boiler manufacturers recommend annual inspection and maintenance. Timely maintenance will prevent many emergency failures and premature equipment failures. At Doc's we offer boiler check-up services. Each fall, we will make sure your boiler systems has been thoroughly cleaned and checked and that it is ready for your heating season.

If you’re thinking of a new boiler system were here to help. We offer no cost prompt professional project quotation services. Click here for more information.

Burnham Boiler

Boiler Installation

Doc’s can also replace or install a new high-efficiency Burnham Boiler

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